Commercial Practice of Real Estate Companies

4.jpgAs the housing markets persist on fading away, a lot of companies are finding means to increase their commercial practice to create a solution to their anguish. These companies are confronted on looking for ways to build accounts fast to earn more profits in the process. The conventional process of going in to the commercial market usually is slow and expensive. Bob McComb, one of the creators of the Top Dogs program, How To Run With The Big Dogs in Commercial Real Estate, worked with partner Peter Droubay and designed a new program that will give a better result more rapidly. The program How to Fast-Track Your Success In Commercial Real Estate Brokerage provides a fascinating approach that also includes step up learning technique that will help real estate agents succeed.

The Walt Disney Magic

6.jpgWalt Disney Co. has signed up an exclusive marketing agreement with KB Home and they will be featuring Disney branded home furnishing products in progress all over the nation. Eight model homes with Disney fashions will be featured in Central Florida, the home of Walt Disney World. Although Walt Disney is more popular for its toys and movies, floorings, window coverings, lightings and many more can also be found from Walt Disney. The many selections will be integrated into select model homes and will be subjected for review in KB home studio which is 15,000-square-foot in size located in South Orlando.

Are Municipal Bonds the Next Big Unknown Unknown?

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In the financial crisis of today, to use a popular maxim of Donald Rumsfeld’s invention, “there are known unknowns and unknown unknowns.” Some major unknowns have surfaced to become economic hurricanes reeking havoc on financial markets worldwide, such as the failure of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. But what unknown unknowns are still lurking under the surface, waiting to be discovered, buried in the media headlines, that could have an equally devastating effect on the economy and real estate markets across the country? One such potential dangerous unknown unknown that hasn’t received very much press attention recently is the current lack of financial stability in the municipal bond market.

Municipal bonds are sold by cities and municipalities across the nation to fund large real estate and infrastructure construction projects. They offer investors a tax free stream of income and offered by brokers around the nation as a low risk way to receive income without increasing the investor’s tax burden. Well, it turns out that the municipal bond markets now are starting to sound like a familiar story. Municipalities across the nation have taken advantage of low interest rates over the past two years to fund construction projects. However, about a one third of these funds were borrowed using a variable rate of interest. Now the municipalities are having trouble paying back their investors.

House Prices Fall Yet


As of November 28, 2007, US house prices have fallen yet again to ever lower level making it the lowest fall in 21 years. One of the biggest mortgage lenders in the US, Freddie Mack who had earlier announced that he was setting aside $1.2Billion for anticipated and forecast losses has upped the ante to the tune of $6Billion making this year the worst ever for the housing sales industry.
Mortgage lenders provide financing for people who buy houses with not so good a credit score. The problems just keep on coming to the market with fluctuating oil prices dampening spirits on a swift recover and a possible end to the housing crisis.

Selling, don’t just look for buyers!

sale.jpgIf you’re seeking to sell your home and you want it done fast, then don’t just go out hunting for buyers but for the people who may know buyers themselves. You may have to shell out some money for referrals but they sure beat the fee’s brokers charge for their services. With more and more trying to cut out agents and going out to do the selling on their own for apparent reasons, this has proven to be a good way of getting to buyers. It also helps to go out once in a while to look for them rather than have them come to you for even with the current rock bottom prices, not many are buying due to the slowing economy.

Real Estate in Canada Slows Down

1.jpgAccording to a Canadian economist, housing market in Canada is no longer in boom. Another one commented that there have been convincing evidences that popularity of real estate has come to an end. However, there are reports showing that although the market has no longer its record-breaking pace as compared to the previous years, it is still considered healthy. In the past 10 years, housing market in Canada stayed on top but according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., MLS sales is expected to drop by 8.5 percent this year and by 2009, there will be another 2.3 percent decrease.

The Banker Who Saw it all coming

banker.jpgCharles Morrison is a respected economic historian and banker who has been accredited by many to have predicted the economic crash we are all facing. Being a banker who designs investments and hedge fund packages, which is packaged for credit instruments and he saw all this coming last spring 2007. He tried to tell people that a “Mother of all Crashes” was coming yet nobody listened and politicians continued to say the economy was doing great with the proper mix of inflation, growth and employment. He saw the immense volumes that were being traded on Wall Street which were too good to be true and went ton by saying this can’t all be true. He was in the industry and he knew what he was talking about yet still nobody listened. The crunch came when too much volume was traded with no sure way of accounting the validity and effectivity of the economy. Then it all came tumbling down taking all of us in the process.

Arson and Foreclosures

arson.jpgCases of arson are on the rise as more and more homeowners turn to it as a tool to destroy their long time investments gone badly. Houses which people used to own are being burned on the orders of their previous owners who could not handle the grief of loosing their homes. Many do not have any alternatives in terms of residence ending up in rental homes or apartments. Grief sets in and even anger which triggers them to make irrational decisions such as burning their previous homes so no one else can benefit from all their hard work which went down the drain.

Mortgage Rates Drop – Refinance?

By all means for interest rates are at their lowest and with other government incentives in place to make the process fool-proof(or so they claim) you may just manage to get off foreclosure row in case you have been uncertain of your financial future. Just be sure you have a proper plan on hand to manage the help you get for mess it up again and you stand to join the 1.5 million homes that have already gone up to foreclosure, and that’s only for the first half of this year, who knows how much more would be added to the figure as the economy tries to recover.

Foreign Buyers Fuel Ailing Housing Market

foreign.jpgThe movements seen in housing markets are found to be coming more from foreigners buying homes for their vacation purposes globally. The problems in the US housing market have effects that have traveled around the world many times over and economies are paying the price. The financial market has been so shaken up that businesses are reeling in the after effects. Fewer houses sold – fewer jobs to build them, more jobless people – less home buyers and the effects just keep piling up. Good thing the European and Asian Markets are faring better that their American counterparts. The Euro has been climbing steadily against the dollar which has dipped time and time again as the government tries to get a handle on the problem. The US government has its hands full with internal and external issues they have to deal with and it may be too much even for them.