Housing Slump Forecast to Exceed past Depression

depression.jpgOne of America’s leading economists who have predicted the events of today way before they were entering their critical levels, Robert Shiller releases his view and forecast of the current housing market crisis. The figures the Yale economist sees in Standard & Poors-Shiller home price index shows that the levels are so low they might even surpass levels of the great depression of the 1930′s. Many fail to accept his views as they try to maintain a positive outlook for the housing industry, but the figures don’t lie. He also says that the only way the government can avert a catastrophe is if the Federal bank releases billions in bail-out packages so the millions of Americans facing foreclosure can get to keep their homes. His analysis places the industry at a position where the figures have no where else to go but down further quelling hopes that the industry would be bouncing back soon.

Buying Foreclosed Properties – Be Aware

foreclosedhomesOf the many problems that may exist in the home should it have been left empty for quite sometime. Most foreclosed properties are sold in a as is condition and any problems that surfaces after you sign the deal is now totally yours and solely yours to deal with. Foreclosed properties can take a long time to dispose of especially if the lender has a ton of foreclosed properties to dispose of, experts advise buyers to hire good appraisers to check on the properties they are interested in so they can get a fair price. Read the rest of this entry »


sharks.jpg抵当会社、貸与投資家および不動産ブローカーはまだ今でも続く抵当流れの危機を担当する人々を目標とするスマートな暴徒へ落ちる犠牲者である。 攻撃方法は大胆であり、時々十分に意外自家所有者は不正確に訴えられて得るにはできる。 それらはそれらを呼ぶと同時にこれらの人々で嫌気に自家所有者か「高利貸し」にお金を貸す特に人を示すのにプラスチック鮫を使用する。 それらは表の庭中それらを投げるか、またはこれらの鮫(プラスチック)の攻撃に既に落とされた犠牲があるこれらの人々のための警報を引き起こしたオフィスの前の掛ける。

City Life


Life in major cities like New York, London or Paris are glamorous and fast-paced, it can also cost you a bundle. According an article in the Global Property Guide: Most Expensive Cities In 2008, these cities have some of the most expensive apartments & condos. London & New York are the top two placers in the race for the most expensive property values, with Moscow coming in a close third. These highly urbanized cities are usually the centers of government, fashion, culture, politics and business. Space is also a premium in these locations, making apartments and condos the dwelling of choice for its lucky inhabitants.

If you’re lucky enough to already own a property in one of these areas, hold on to it. You can even make pretty good money renting it out. If you’re planning to invest in real estate in any of these cities,
it may cost more at the start, but since these cities’ property values are relatively stable, you’ll get a relatively good return on your investment.

Buyers Tips – Part 2


If you have been house hunting for sometime, be sure to take note of prices of somewhat similar properties nearby which you could use as leverage when negotiating for a lower price. If you can get hold of the information, prices of recently sold properties would also help a lot. As with any negotiation be civilized and try not to get to rowdy. If the homeowner is unfavorable to your offer end the meeting with a pleasant remark and leave your number in case they re-consider your offer. A compilation of these property prices gives you insight into the trend of sales and the areas that are more sought after. This allows you a broader view of the market in your search area.

Care for the Home

Owning your own house today may be a bigger deal than it was a decade ago. Taking care of your home may become an expense that falls to the bottom of the list. There are ways to take care of your house though that are inexpensive and will help preserve your home’s value.

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The main thing that any home needs to last long looking great and being top value is cleaning and care. If you own a bigger house, cleaning yourself daily may be too big a thing to ask so setting a schedule is important. Make sure to wipe, dust, sweep and mop daily. This not only reduces the dirt that will accumulate before a major clean but will also keep dirt stains away and will leave you with a more hygienic home. Powder rooms and bathrooms especially need a daily cleaning. On a quarterly or semi-annual basis, include cleaning of major furniture, shelves, cabinets and closets, carpets and curtains. It may sound like too much cleaning but in the end, your house will thank you for it as this keeps it looking good and in good.

Federal Projections


The Federal government has announced that projections show slower economic growth and expansion is to be expected this coming 2008. This belays earlier information released by the Fed that the economy was doing better and released higher projected rates. This gives rise to more speculation that Mortgage interest rates would recover better this coming year. People are now looking towards the stock exchange�s performance for whoever controls the Dow has a lot on influence on the said rates. Average mortgage rates for the whole spread still run into the 6% mark which is the highest for six months. Leaving many with dread as to how and when the markets would start recovery.

Other Terminologies Used In The Closing Process

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Settlement Statement or Closing Settlement gives a list of fees that were paid at closing which includes real estate commissions and escrow amounts. Closing Documentation is paperwork that needs to be completed before closing such as title search, to be sure that the title is indeed clean and without any encumbrance and title insurance to protect both the buyer and the seller from any oversight and an application for homeowner’s insurance, which is important in qualifying for a mortgage. Closing costs are expenses incurred such as loan origination fee, taxes, cost of a credit report, lender’s inspection fee and other fees pertinent to the closing process. Final Arrangement. Before the deal is finally closed and you take possession, the buyer must make an arrangement for the utility services and first mortgage payment. Settlement is the buyer’s payment of the balance of the property’s purchase price and the transfer of title. It happens on the date of possession as indicated in the contract.

Some Real Estate Markets React to Wall Street Gains

Some markets have indeed begun to rejoice as Wall Street seems to be on track to recovery as gains continue. There is a lot of cautious people who are closely monitoring the situation, a continue in rise may be the sign that the worst has passed and recovery is to come soon. Some people are still quite skeptical for jobs are still being shed by the many companies that makes up the economy, and with most people basing their financial might with the jobs and money they earn, time is still quite uncertain for there is not much hiring doing on. The end may be coming but for many it is still unreachable at this point but optimism is high as people know the end s coming, when that is to come, well that’s what’s being debated!

First time home buyers, not buying

sale.jpgPeople who have been wanting to purchase a house for the first time are getting wet feet due to disturbing news and trends that can be seen all over the internet. When house prices started falling, many jumped on the bandwagon and started buying only to end up loosing their investment early in the fight. Others who were cautious faired well for they got the time they needed to see the trend which showed the sharp drop in new house prices and the accompanying mortgage foreclosures that followed. This prompted more prospective home buyers to halt their plans whilst they waited for the rut the market was in to clam down. Those who were facing foreclosure are advised by many experts to take advantage of bailout options offered by lenders and other financial institutions rather than to loose everything all together.